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There is an abundance of short films you can access entirely for free online. We recently discovered Omeleto which is on YouTube, and it’s similar to Dust (also on YouTube) which is also a channel dedicated to the short film.

While Dust features a lot of science fiction in their lineup, Omeleto covers almost every genre you can think of. And that makes it all the more worthwhile to check out. It also gives critics and reviewers a chance to keep content ticking over while we wait for movies to release.

So here’s our first short film review for Trunk Space:

Trunk Space Short Film
Image Source IMDb

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

14 min | Short | Thriller | 2016


Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Director: Max Silver

Writer: Max Silver

Stars: Jessica Jade Andres, Kate Krieger, Jordan Turchin

Movie Tagline: “Looks can be deceiving.”

IMDb Synopsis: When Anna and Priss pick up a mysterious hitchhiker, their road trip takes a turn for the worse.

You can watch this Omeleto Short Film here.

Two bored young women, a long, lonely highway and a complete stranger looking for a ride. What could go wrong? Well, the answer is “just about everything”.

Anne seems like the friendly “will get to know anyone” type, while Priss looks a little more guarded. Priss is not exactly open to picking up hitchhikers, but Anne is entirely into it. As the journey continues, Priss becomes even more defensive and aggressive towards the stranger, while Anne does everything she can to keep things friendly.

The dynamic between the two women works really well, and it’s interesting to see just how differently the two women behave towards the stranger.

The Positives:

You might like the direction the film goes in and you might not. On the one hand, the film is telling us not to have preconceived notions about people we don’t know. Yet it’s also telling us as an audience that you shouldn’t let your guard down around strangers because you just don’t know what they’re capable of.

The pacing was right on point. The actresses did well enough in front of the camera to keep things flowing nicely.

The Negatives:

The alert system didn’t seem believable. There’s something not exactly legit about it. That’s the only major part of this film that didn’t work.


There’s a moral to this short film, and that is don’t trust anyone.


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