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The Emergency Code for a plane hijacking is 7500.
JulieGJune 7, 202014 min

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10

R 1h | 32min | Drama, Thriller | 26 Dec 2019 (Germany) | Movie


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Director: Patrick Vollrath 

Writer: Patrick Vollrath, Senad Halilbasic 

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omid Memar, Passar Hariky, Hicham Sebiai

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IMDb summary: The Emergency Code for a plane hijacking is 7500.


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This review was written by Jeremy for NowShowingNZ

What I love about movies is the risk that some directors take. Like the Tom Hardy film “Locke” or the Ryan Reynolds movie where he is “Buried.” I think the name for this genre is “Stationary movies.”

Some movies have flashing CGI scenes where it overloads your senses, or so much CGI because the story or the plot is so bad. Stationary movies are always something special. 7500 is one of those gems.

Directed and written by Patrick Vollrath and Senad Halilbasic, 7500 tells the story of Tobias Ellis as he about to embark on his worst flight ever into one of the most intense, white-knuckling experiences I have seen.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tobias begins his day by working through his routine flight checks. As the film progresses, he ends up in the most stressful and harrowing situation you could imagine for the rest of the movie. This experience slowly becomes even more intense because the film is shot almost entirely in the cockpit. As an audience, you are front and centre and right there with him.

If you haven’t seen a movie like this, it might sound radical, or you might not think it can be entertaining. This type of movie-going experience might just surprise you. I love seeing actors or directors taking a chance on this style of movie.



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