Hello, fellow cinephiles! Let’s talk about streaming services.

We wanted to write something about the services we used to gather all of our movie reviews and content. While some of them are pretty obvious (Netflix, for example), there are some streaming services that, like certain movies, may fly under the radar of popularity such as Quibi and MUBI.


You may read this and think “well, Mubi has been around for some time” but we have only just discovered Mubi thanks to a reviewer I admire on Letterboxd named StevenG. And as a result, movies have become so much more accessible as a medium, especially for serious movie fans like us living in New Zealand.

The one thing about New Zealand is it’s isolated. For some people that may seem like a dream come true (particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic), but if you’re a fan of popular culture in New Zealand, it’s hard if not near-impossible, to get access to media to review or write about. The changing times have provided an opportunity for so many of us to grow as a community, which we will be forever thankful for.

The future of the movies is digital and online. Video On Demand has become so much more popular when, at one point, it wasn’t always the case. For movie critics in isolated locations, it’s wonderful. And with that, we have our Steaming Services Series of posts where we examine, use and explore the media now available to us as critics and as movie fans.

Our first post in this series will focus on Quibi. Until our next post, keep watching and we’ll catch you later.

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