Welcome to the new podcast segment we call “Trash My Movie”. In this segment, Jeremy and Julie will choose a movie each that they consider a favourite, and it’s up to each of them to “trash” it as objectively as possible.

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They will choose one movie each for this segment, and the other host has to pick up to five points about the film that they think didn’t work for whatever reason. And it’s up to the person that chose the film to debate those points as objectively as possible.

Who are we kidding, right? There’s nothing at all objective about being a movie critic! So join us for our very first podcast in this series where we will attempt to “trash” 3:10 to Yuma (chosen by Julie) and The Breakfast Club (chosen by Jeremy).

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First up is 3.10 to Yuma and The Breakfast Club begins at 12.02 minutes in.

We hope you enjoy this segment and if you’d like to have your favourite movies “trashed” by us, feel free to reach out in the channels below.

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