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JulieGJune 24, 202013 min

This is a HUGE deal for any cinephile in New Zealand. The Event Cinema chain in New Zealand will be opening their doors again on Thursday June 25th nationwide. But what does this mean for Kiwi movie-goers? What movies will they be showing? Will we be seated two metres apart or will things go back to the way they were? Do we get a date for Tenet??!!

All sound questions to be asking. But thinking about it outside of our little nation, New Zealand is probably going to be the very first nation to open theatres since the lock down went into place in March. And that is important news for the movie world in general as we will be kind of leading the way towards cinematic normalcy. Assuming things do go back to normal, we’ve yet to see any real reason to visit the cinemas. The movies on offer are not exactly new films with the Harry Potter movies being featured along with the Hobbit trilogy as well. And while I really thought Titanic was a nice movie, it’s just not enough to get me back into the cinemas again.

Nope, we are waiting for the new movies to arrive. Whether or not we’ll see any blockbuster films this year remains to be seen, but the cinema chain opening its doors once more is a step in the right direction, that much we’ll say!

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