Actors on Actors @Home with Variety – Sir Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavill

JulieGJune 25, 20203 min

There is a lot of media to consume online these days. So much so we’re often spoiled for choice as to what to watch next. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s important to a) limit what you watch and read to only the best content and b) to take in at least one thing from all the information you consume daily.

Which brings me to the next part of this post on the “Actors on Actors” segment from Variety. Both Variety and Vanity Fair have worked with some of the best actors on the planet, and their content is exceptionally good. The “Actors on Actors” videos you can see online or the “Actors Round table” clips I think are some of the best content you can watch about actors just being people.

Whether it be in a circle of their peers or face-to-face with someone they admire, it brings an actor to light in a way you just don’t see often, if at all. You can capture some of this in behind-the-scenes documentaries, but there’s never enough of it. And I do my best to watch this content whenever I can.

Here’s such a clip with actors Sir Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavill swapping heartfelt stories with each other about how they met and their life-changing roles. It’s so enjoyable, I highly recommend you watch it.


This video and its contents were sourced via Variety’s website here.

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