Yesterday’s post about Event Cinemas opening its doors again in New Zealand got me thinking about what movies they’ll be showing. Then I spent some time at my second home on Letterboxd and realised it’s happening all over the world. Well, it’s happening in places where it’s safe to have people congregate again.

So I visited Event’s website to see what movies they will show and, well, I felt a little disappointed. It listed the Hobbit Trilogy of films along with a selection of the Harry Potter films and… Titanic. There are others, and I made a list of all the movies I’d like to see from the list on offer. I discovered none of the films I wanted to see are available in my city. Further disappointment.

While I am not exactly champing at the bit to get into the theatre again, the thought of going to the movies at a cinema after months of going without is appealing. But I need a better reason to do this. Harry Potter just isn’t a good enough drawcard. I fell asleep during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. So there’s that.

If we go, it will be a little surreal sitting in a cinema again after months of being encouraged to think of that as unsafe. For months we’ve been told by our Government that spaces with anyone outside of your immediate “bubble” are a health hazard and therefore an unsafe way to spend your time. Even hugging family members became a threat to your safety if you didn’t know where they had been or who they had been in contact with. So there’s that as well.


My anxiety levels will probably spike again. I’ve already been out in public a few times since they introduced alert level one, but nothing even close to being in a confined space with strangers. Grocery shopping was weird enough once they dropped the security staff at every entrance making sure you were going in alone.

So we’ve all got to re-train our thoughts and our behaviour towards dealing with strangers in public again. And there is no doubt in my mind that this will definitely change the movie-going experience for the foreseeable future. I mean I had a problem with crowds way before COVID-19 so it will be a very interesting experience indeed.

How do you feel about cinemas opening up again in your area? What movies are you looking forward to seeing once they do? All feedback welcome. Just hit me up in the comments!

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