The NZIFF 2020 Schedule of Films for This Year’s Festival is Now Available!

JulieGJune 26, 20203 min

The official schedule for the New Zealand International Film Festival 2020 is now available from the NZIFF website here.

What’s so important about this festival year is that it will be the very first film festival in New Zealand to be held partially online in a virtual setting. There will be physical screenings taking place as well for anyone that wishes to attend a cinema. The entire schedule of films is open to view from the updated NZIFF website, so if you want to spend the entire time at home, you can.

There is a list of premiere movies which will premiere for the first time at the festival, and a list of rental options which features all the films scheduled. Tickets will be on sale from the 10th of July with rental films selling on the day of the first screening and made available for a week to attendees.

It’s so exciting and so progressive to have a festival streaming online this way. It thrills Jeremy and me to be attending virtually this year and trying out for the first time what could be the alternative way that film festivals will continue in the future.

A full schedule and news updates are available from the NZIFF website here.

Will you be thinking of attending this year? Let us know in the comments!

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