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JulieGJune 27, 20207 min
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NR | Short |10 Jul 2020 (UK)|


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Director: Louise Connolly-Burnham

Writer: Louise Connolly-Burnham

Stars: Tara Fitzgerald, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Alun Raglan

Movie Tagline: “How far would you go to connect?”

IMDb summary: Paige, an introverted, unassuming young woman spends her days setting up people’s life insurance in a drab North London call centre. She is bored of her life, longing for intimacy and connection that she unexpectedly finds on the phone to a charming customer called David. Convinced there was something between them she decides to break the rules to go and find him. An adventure first fuelled by loneliness and lust turns into something much darker when Paige finds herself out of her depth with a total stranger.

You can find this Omeleto short film on YouTube here.

Considering this short film has yet to be officially released in the UK, I am not surprised to find that there are no ratings anywhere for it. I will be interested to know what type of ratings this film gets because I found it exhilarating to watch.

Picture this; you’re a young, closeted, and disconnected young woman. You have nothing going for you in life. The guy you like at work is out of your league and interested in girls that seem a lot more lively than you are. You are more like a fish out of water, a girl without a pulse or a reason to feel good. You are nothing.

Then one day, you get that call. The person on the other end of the phone sounds so good; you could eat them right up. Every word they say is like sugar and spice in your mouth all at once. You’re suddenly aware of yourself; you’re feeling things you’ve never felt before, their voice is pushing you beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself. You feel alive when this person talks to you.

What do you do with it, with these feelings, with this person? The correct and legal answer is, of course, nothing. But this wouldn’t be much of a film if the lead actress did nothing. So she decides to cross those boundaries she knows she shouldn’t cross.

The build-up and pacing of this short film are incredible. At first, you’re just as disinterested as the character you’re watching; there’s nothing extraordinary here, just some girl talking on the phone to sell insurance. But as soon as she gets the call from “David,” who sounds like a cross between a husky-voiced Radio DJ and a serial killer, everything moves a thousand times faster. Just like Paige’s heartbeat.

Louise Connolly-Burnham is a force to be reckoned with as Paige. My instincts tell me that she’ll be someone to watch in the future as she also wrote and directed this short. She embodies everything you would expect to see in a young girl with no experience of love or lust for that matter. She’s delicate, dainty and unassuming. The type of person you’d always think was “nice” and does whatever she’s told. But Paige has a much more interesting side that she exposes near the end of the film.

Talk about a caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation. Damn.


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