New Blog Series: The Letterboxd Diaries

JulieGJune 28, 202023 min

After writing about Letterboxd the other day, we’ve received some interest in that article, so we have made it a regular blog series. We think the ins and outs of the Letterboxd community could be an interesting topic to blog about, and it wasn’t until we did some research that we realised it was worth investigating further.

There is a myriad of topics to consider, and most of them are straight out of the “horses’ mouths” so-to-speak, and what’s better than hearing about it from the people that inhabit the community?


We’ve also created a Medium publication for The Letterboxd Diaries where we’ll be blogging about the same topics and will most likely cross-post from here to there.

Once we officially launch it, we’ll test the waters and see how it goes. Most of the movie-related publications on Medium don’t do so well, even the ones that have been there for some time. Our expectations are not high, put it that way, but more exposure is good wherever it is.

So if you’re interested in movies, you’re a Letterboxd member, or you’re just interested in reading about experiences from the Letterboxd community, this is the blog series for you.

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