FilmEvent Cinema Lay-Offs and the Future of Cinemas in New Zealand

JulieGJuly 1, 20203 min

Today I was greeted by someone identifying as “Event Cinema Worker” on Twitter who politely reminded me that Event Cinemas has just laid off around 50 per cent of its workforce. This was reported by the New Zealand Herald and other media outlets a week or so back.


The thing is lay-offs are happening everywhere. Just today, a senior staff member left after seven years of service. I feel bad for anyone that has to lose their job. I’ve lost my job before, I know how hard it can be to recover from something like that.

But this is very much a sign of the times. The cinema-going experience is changing and will continue to evolve, of that, I have no doubt. So if you’re someone working in this field, you should try and prepare for more changes to come.

I don’t know what we did to receive this feedback, but we did talk about Event Cinemas in our recent podcast, so perhaps that struck a chord. Whatever we said in our podcast was not planned or scripted. If you found any of the content in our podcast offensive in any way, we sincerely apologise as that was not our intent at all.

As for my partner and I, we won’t be going to event cinemas any time soon and we stand by what we said on our podcast. Until the movies we want to see become accessible, there is no point returning to the cinema, not for us anyway.

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