TLD – July Profile Swap on Reddit for Letterboxers

JulieGJuly 4, 20204 min

This is the first post in the blog series “The Letterboxd Diaries” where we focus on film and life with a Letterboxd perspective.

There is a new thread on Reddit for any Letterboxers who are members on Reddit to do a “Profile Swap” which is basically an excellent way of meeting new members of the Letterboxd community.

Having the Letterboxd Reddit forum is a blessing for any Letterboxer that enjoys the interaction. While Letterboxd does provide comment fields where you can comment on someone’s film review, there is no other way of messaging people on the platform. I am not sure Letterboxd needs this feature, but it would be nice to be able to message and interact with people you follow or like in a private setting.

The thread for sharing your Letterboxd profile is here.

Have you had any exciting encounters on Letterboxd recently? Anything really bugging you about Letterboxd? Let us know in the comments section!

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