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Director: Daniel M. Smith

Writer: Simon Hewitt

Stars:  Ophelia Lovibond, Sam Hoare, Lewis Rainer

Movie Tagline: “Watching was not enough”…

IMDb summary:  FlySpy is a short-thriller about a young, genius deviant called Greg, who has made a wirelessly controlled drone in the form of a fly with a camera in its head. Everything the fly can see Greg can see. He is deeply obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Haley so he spends his time secretly watching her through the eyes of his tiny robotic partner in crime. But when Greg witnesses Haley’s violent new boyfriend, John, abusing her, it very quickly becomes clear that for Greg, simply watching, is not enough.

You can find this Omeleto short film on YouTube here.

This film has flown under the radar for many people as they released it way back in 2016. Not that there is a problem with watching previously released films from several years back, but it surprised me given the film’s subject. Drones have been around for years in a military capacity, but for the public, their popularity has only recently become a trend.

Which brings us to the young “deviant” Greg, who is both the maker and the owner of a very special type of UAV in the shape of a fly. While this may not seem very ominous at the minute, you soon realise how technology can be abused if it finds itself in the wrong hands. It’s not technology that’s the problem, is how it’s used.

And Greg has a very specific use in mind for his little flying spy. He’s using it to spy on his ex-girlfriend, which is just a little creepy. Even though you have to take a step back and admit it’s an ingenious and unconventional way of spying on someone, it’s still intruding on that person’s privacy and probably breaking many laws in doing so. When we get to see a little of who Greg is, you piece together why he is doing what he’s doing and to whom.

His ex-girlfriend’s life is suddenly turned upside down when she realises by accident that she’s being spied on by her ex. At first, she’s unhappy about it and angry. But when she shows up on Greg’s doorstep, black and blue all over, Greg’s decided it’s time for him to save the damsel in distress and deliver a unique blow to the unsuspecting abuser of his ex. And what a blow it is. You don’t see it coming at all, and it’s the highlight of the film.

Technology and people sometimes just don’t mix. That’s really the key point being driven home in the film. Greg is the good guy here. He’s not the one beating up his ex-girlfriend. He is the hero of this tale and he will prove it no matter what.

Greg is unprepared for what follows. Greg quickly discovers that perhaps he wasn’t the hero in this story after all, and his ex was never in any need of saving. Quite a neat little thriller.


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