Podcast #6 – The Old Guard / The Beach House / First Cow

JulieGJuly 12, 202012 min

Welcome to Week Six – Now Showing NZ’s weekly podcast

Week Ending 12/07/2020

This week Julie and Jeremy have a list of movies to review from the Letterboxd Top 10 for Mid 2020, Netflix promoted The Old Guard and horror The Beach House.

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Podcast Mini-Reviews (podcast topic time in brackets)

The Old Guard (starts at 22 seconds) two and a half stars out of five

The Beach House (starts at 7 mins 20) three stars out of five stars

First Cow (starts at 12 mins 05) four and a half stars out of five and also part of the Mid 2020 Top 10 as rated by Letterboxd

Podcast End

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