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IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

15min | Short, Action | 2015 (UK) |Short


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Director: Luke Armstrong

Writers: Luke Armstrong, Johnny Sachon

Stars: Johnny Sachon, Holly Georgia, Katie Goldfinch

Movie Tagline: “They’re watching you”…

IMDb summary:  Set in the year 2037, ‘Shadows’ is a contemporary Orwellian style vision of the future. The short sci-fi film depicts how the UK government will use virtually all digital technology for surveillance and control over the general population, ultimately becoming a totalitarian state. We join our lead characters – Lee and Jess, on the brink of a revolution.

You can watch this short film here.

While the topic of this film may be about the loss of privacy and freedom that comes with a government that uses (and abuses) technological surveillance, it was hard to believe the characters were really in a life or death situation, even when they were confronted and hounded by drones and military enforcers.

The two lead characters seem to be very knowledgable about technology, more so than the average person, or perhaps in 2037, it comes with the territory. To understand how technology has advanced, you have to use the technology yourself. That part makes sense and adds a level of depth to the plot that’s genuinely intriguing.

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The special effects for a film that was on a budget of 5k (according to the YouTube description) are the highlight of this film. They really are top-notch and add an element of class and sophistication to it. That said, however, you would expect that from a futuristic sci-fi movie. Still, that’s impressive.

But that’s where the good elements of this film end. The dialogue fell flat and the two principal actors had very little chemistry. It was hard to get behind their rebellious movement either way. The scenes between the two lead actors seemed rushed and unprepared and something was missing there.

Comparision to Orwell’s “1984” might make sense to the writer of the IMDb summary, but that’s over-enthusiastic and unrealistic. Yes, this film touches on similar topics, but that is where the comparison ends.


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