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JulieGJuly 15, 20206 min
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IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

PG-13 | 1h 31min | Action, Drama | 10 Jul 2020 (United Arab Emirates) | Movie

Metacritic: 62/100

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80% Certified Fresh (Critic Reviews) 79% Fresh (Audience Reviews)

Director: Aaron Schneider

Writers: Tom Hanks, C.S. Forester

Stars: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham

Movie Tagline:  “The Only Thing More Dangerous Than the Front Lines Was the Fight to Get There”

IMDb summary: Early in World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks.

If Tom Hanks was supposed to be portraying an “inexperienced” U.S. Navy captain, it wasn’t easy to pick up on. The character seemed confident in his decision making and his crew seemed loyal, which one would think wouldn’t be the case if he was an inexperienced captain.

Was it just me, or did it seem like these Navy lads spent a lot of time plotting the course of the enemy and paying particular attention to the sonar technician? Sorry if that’s not the correct term but war movies, in particular, naval war movies are not my strong suit. It seems legit that the Sonar technician would be vital to the survival of the boat and its crew, so that detail added a layer of realism to the film.

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Nazi U-Boats in “wolf packs” stalking its prey gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Not to mention the weather (which was freezing up the crewman’s navigational equipment) and the sea, which looked like it was ready to rip Tom Hanks’ boat into teeny weenie pieces. I’d say an expression of pain and sheer terror wouldn’t go astray, and Tom Hanks had this down pat. He’s a good enough actor to pull this off and look believable.

It’s not the worst film about war that’s out there, but certain scenes in the film were a little slower than expected for an action/war movie. I should have felt invested in the crew and their survival more than I did. The one aspect of this film that really shined, however, was the cinematography which was breathtaking.


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