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IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

NR |4min Short | Comedy | Short


Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Director: Jonatan Etzler

Writer: Jonatan Etzler

Stars: Kristoffer Berglund, Madeleine Martin

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IMDb summary:  Anna meets Jesper on the morning train. She’s never met him but it turns out he’s seen her before. It turns out he’s seen her on Instagram. And on Facebook. And that he knows a lot about her. In fact, he knows everything about her.

You can watch this KIS KIS Short Film here.

The first thing that puzzled me about this film was its genre details on IMDb – it’s definitely not a comedy. It could be a black comedy, but it’s not a movie to watch for light-hearted laughs as most comedies are.  So be aware of that.

And it’s only four minutes long, which is one of the most powerful things about this short film. What kind of story can you tell in just four minutes? Quite an alarming one, as it turns out.

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The entire four minutes take place in one spot between two strangers who meet on public transport. What could go wrong for Anna in a public place? Well, the young and overly friendly stranger that engages Anna in witty discussion on her way to work becomes something else entirely in half that time.

I’m quickly becoming a fan of director and writer Jonathan Etzler who also directed Get Ready With Me, which we reviewed here. “I Follow You” isn’t long enough to gather much of an understanding about the two characters in our short. But Jonathan Etzler shows skilfully how little time it requires transporting you into the dangerous mind-game that Jasper is playing with Anna. It’s remarkable how Jasper transforms in that one discussion with Anna and how quickly Anna feels threatened and unsafe.

A cautionary tale about the dangers of living your life online and how easy it is for your privacy to be quickly and utterly diminished.

You’ll definitely reconsider the next time someone wants to you know, follow you…


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