Short Film Review – Doublespeak (2020)

JulieGJuly 21, 20205 min


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NR |10nin Short|Drama|Short


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Director: Hazel McKibbin


Stars: Angela Wong Carbone, Tony Costa

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This short film can be watched here on YouTube

We’re casting our short film net far and wide, and we’ve been coming up with gem after gem on YouTube. This short film is no exception to the top level of storytelling that is happening in short films all over the world.

“Doublespeak” focuses on a sexual harassment claim by a young woman named Emma who has raised several allegations against a colleague. This short film focuses intently on the aftermath of the harassment and how the company that Emma works for struggles to support her claims.

In The Assistant which we reviewed recently, a similar scene occurs. The major difference between these two films is that in The Assistant, there was absolutely no acknowledgement of unacceptable behaviour. Emma finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. And while the mediator isn’t purposefully trying to guilt-shame Emma into a corner, it’s obvious they do not take Emma’s accusations as seriously as they should (even though they admit they are for the record).

As difficult as this topic is, Doublespeak handles an uncomfortable situation with great care and equally impressive performances, particularly from Angela Wong Carbone who plays Emma. The pain and heartbreak are clearly written all over her face. And while the handling of her meeting with management should have had a much better outcome, the mediator made some very important points about dealing with sexual harassment allegations.

Timing is everything. If you are experiencing anything at all like this in your own life, tell someone right now. Do not wait for it to “go away”. Chances are it will only get worse the longer you leave it. And a lot of businesses delete their recorded security footage regularly. If what has happened to you has somehow been recorded on video – report it as soon as possible. It’s natural to want to stay silent. But your silence only gives your abuser more power over the situation.



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