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JulieGJuly 23, 20206 min

We started The Letterboxd Diaries some time back and we just haven’t had the time to blog about our experiences on Letterboxd lately.

But I’m back in the saddle so…

Today’s topic is one close to my heart because it’s just annoying. If you’re on social media, you’ll know all about this “follow to unfollow” BS that pretty much everyone does now. Now and then, you might find some legit followers, people who are genuinely interested in you, that won’t do this to you. But most people on the internet aren’t that courteous.

I have been conducting an experiment on Letterboxd where I’ve been keeping tabs on our follows and unfollows, just because I wanted to prove a point. I also wanted something concrete to share in this blog series. So I’ve been selecting a few users that followed us and I have extended the courtesy, just to see if they’d unfollow straight after. Sure enough, a few of them did – not straight away, but a day or so later. Unfollowed.

Now maybe our taste in movies really sucks and they are legitimately unfollowing us because they just don’t want the movies we watch in their feed. Simple and understandable. You don’t owe anyone anything, you can unfollow if it’s not a suitable fit. That’s acceptable.

But this guy was doing something entirely different. I had this one Letterboxd user who thought it was fun to play cat and mouse with us. He followed and then unfollowed as soon as I followed him. When I looked at his list of followers, it seemed to me like he was just following dozens of accounts only to unfollow them straightaway once he had caught the mouse. One-click of a button and he had a follower who had no idea that he was the one who unfollowed them. I’d hazard a guess that he didn’t even check their accounts to see what they were, you know, watching.

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As far as I know, there is no actual app out there that integrates the Letterboxd API so you can tell when a follower has unfollowed you. If there is and you know about it, PLEASE let me know in the comments or contact us here. We’d be eternally grateful.

But this guy was at it again the next day, he had forgotten he unfollowed us the day before, and followed us again only to, you know, unfollow a day later once more. That time around, I didn’t take the bait, and I knew he’d unfollow.

So what is the purpose of this game? Are you trying to be known as the biggest jerk on Letterboxd? I’ve been lucky enough to hold on to a few of the same followers that I started following way back in 2013. I am sure there are a few people who have gained a loyal following of people who are genuine and there for the long haul. But these follow and unfollow people – sorry, but we’re looking for quality accounts to follow so please feel free to never follow us.


If you’d like to follow us because you think we have great taste in movies and we can put two readable sentences together, you can follow us on Letterboxd right here. We promise we don’t follow to unfollow 😂


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