KIS KIS Short Film Review – First Like (2016)

First to Like - First to Die. A short horror with a humorous touch.
JulieGJuly 25, 20206 min
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IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

NR | 4min | Short, Horror Comedy | Short


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Director: Alexander Rönnberg

Writer: Sara Bergmark Elfgren

Stars: Hedda Stiernstedt, Daniel di Grado, Karl Johnsson

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IMDb summary:  First to Like – First to Die. A short horror with a humorous touch.

This KIS KIS short film can be watched here on YouTube

With the high calibre of short films available online, it’s tough having to pick films you think are worthy of that status. Unfortunately, short films are just like any other medium in that there are good films, brilliant films and, well, mediocre films.

The mixture of comedy and horror has always been a strange genre to review. To categorise a film as comedy/horror is an oxymoron. In the traditional sense, I do not think horror should be something to laugh at, unless you’re that type of fan. So it is either amusing or disturbing. Sometimes mixing horror with comedy can work, but it always seems to fall flat in my experience, even when talented actors are involved. It takes a special ingredient of direction, writing and acting to make it more than just a film that’s reaching for something that’s just not there.

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In terms of this film, “First to Like” gets its message across loud and clear, but it was a struggle to find the middle ground between fun and horror. The “jump scares” while a little obvious, were executed well enough to classify this short film as “horror”. The first part of the film seems to follow in the footsteps of social media horror films like “Unfriended” but also has that “When a Stranger Calls” vibe as well. This was the best part of this film.

The rest of the film is just a quick ride to nowhere at all. Don’t be the first to like something, I guess? Not a lot to take away when compared to the apartment scene and not a lot to critique. It wasn’t particularly funny so in hindsight, classifying this short film as comedy/horror was and is its undoing.


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