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Welcome to Week Nine – Now Showing NZ’s weekly podcast

Week Ending 02/08/2020


This weekend is dedicated to the NZIFF which is halfway through and ends officially on Sunday the 9th of August.

Our top five picks of the festival thus far are:

  1. Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist (2019) 5/5 stars (begins at 19 mins 58 secs)
  2. My Extraordinary Summer with Tess – 4.5/5 stars (begins at 15 mins 02 secs)
  3. Driveways – 4.5/5 stars (begins at 10 mins 29 secs)
  4. The Truth – 4 stars (begins at 5 mins 29 secs)
  5. Dinner in America – 4 stars (begins at 1 min 28 secs)

Honorary Mentions from NZIFF 2020

  1. Suk Suk (begins at 29 mins 45 secs)
  2. Mi Vida (begins at 32 mins 24 secs)
  3. Exile (begins at 33 mins 54 secs)

Podcast Ends

Next week we’ll be finishing off the NZIFF for another year and updating our list for our overall top five films for 2020 (we don’t anticipate our list will change much, however).

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