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IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

14min | Short, Drama | Short


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Director: Greta Nash

Writer: Greta Nash

Stars: Bridie Noonan, Max Stephens, Charlie Hannaford

Movie Tagline: “Don’t dog the boys”

IMDb summary: After discovering something she was never meant to see, 16-year-old girl begins to examine her close friendship with three boys from the school football team.

You can watch this Short of the Week short film here on YouTube.

The world of any teenage boy can be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re a teenage girl. Being one of the “boys” places our principal character Carla in a harrowing situation when she accidentally stumbles onto something she wasn’t supposed to see. Suddenly the line between being “just one of the boys” and an outsider becomes blurred, and Carla finds herself with no one to turn to for help.

From the perspective of her “friends” what Carla did was close to unforgivable. She was given that rare “ranking” amongst a group of tightly knit high school dudes that gave her an insight into their world not given to anyone else. She was therefore considered someone trustworthy enough to hang out with. But from Carla’s perspective, how was she supposed to let something like this go? They were her friends, but she also wanted to do the right thing.

Bridie Noonan as Carla in Locker Room
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This short film is a treasure. It covers the complexity of a teenage girl’s relationships with her male friends in detail, leaving no stone unturned. The only question left to ask is “what would you have done?”

The young cast was exceptional and natural enough in front of the camera to be convincing, particularly young actress Bridie Noonan who portrays Carla. It was hard not to feel her pain, frustration and doubt. It is not at all surprising that this short film has won many awards, including one for best actress.

We’ll be keeping our eye firmly focused on Short of the Week’s excellent picks for up and coming short films, as should you if you’re interested in short films that deliver.


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