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This sci-fi series follows two androids tasked with raising human life on a mysterious new planet after religious wars have left Earth uninhabitable.
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I’ve always had an interest in graphic design and that has led onto more specific areas such as movie poster design. So we’re introducing this new blog post series where we will choose a particular image or poster on a regular basis and feature it here on our site and on social media.

Our goal is to always respect the artist or designer and to always credit the creator and/or source in our articles.

I saw this poster today for the first time and I’d like to discuss this because it really caught my eye and I find it stunning to look at:

Image Source

This one-sheet poster was designed by P+A and depicts the Android named “Mother” holding a baby in her hand. It’s striking and provocative and definitely draws you in.

As I am a major fan of anything Ridley Scott is connected to, this show is definitely on our radar as something to watch. I liked this image so much I was inspired to edit it as a textless image first:

TEXTLESS POSTER EDIT BY NowShowingNZ – Original Design by P+A

And then animate it:

RAISED BY WOLVES EDIT (1200px, 25fps)
Motion Art Animation by NowShowingNZ –  Original Design by P+A

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