Podcast #10 NZIFF 2020 Ends / Disney and Mulan / The Tax Collector / Host / She Dies Tomorrow / Peninsula

JulieGAugust 10, 202012 min

Welcome to Week Ten – Now Showing NZ’s Weekly Podcast

Week Ending 09/08/2020


This podcast we complete our overall review of the NZIFF 2020. And our top five picks did not change from the previous week.

  1. NZIFF Wrap Up  for 2020
  2. Disney and their push for Mulan Online (begins 5 mins)
  3. The Tax Collector (begins 10 mins 28 secs) 2.5/5 Stars
  4. Host (begins 14 mins 50 secs) 5/5 Stars
  5. She Dies Tomorrow (23 minutes 19 secs) 2/5 Stars
  6. Peninsula (25 minutes 20 secs) 3/5 Stars

Next week we will be back to our regular podcast series Trash My Movie.

Until then, stay safe out there and keep watching those movies!

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