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Welcome to Week Twelve – Now Showing NZ’s Weekly Podcast

Week Ending 23/08/2020


This week’s podcast features recent movie reviews for Spree, The Burnt Orange Heresy and The Hater. And The Matrix re-watch review as well as our take on the brand new teaser trailers from DC Fandome including The Batman and The Snyder Cut.

  1. The Snyder Cut of the Justice League Teaser Trailer (begins 1 min 22 secs)
  2. The Batman (begins 5 mins 34 secs)
  3. The Suicide Squad (begins 7 mins 30 secs)
  4. Movie Review – Spree (begins 10 mins 20 secs) four out of five stars
  5. Movie Review – The Burnt Orange Heresy (begins 14 mins 37 secs) three and a half stars
  6. Movie Review – The Hater (begins 19 mins 32 secs) three and a half stars
  7. Trilogy Movie Marathon Re-watch Review – The Matrix (begins 25 mins 45 secs) five out of five stars

Until next week, stay safe out there and keep watching those movies!

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