FilmTenet Premiere Cancelled – NZ Release Date Unsure

JulieGAugust 25, 20205 min


We’ve been keeping our eyes firmly set on the release date for Tenet in New Zealand via Event Cinemas. The original premiere date was set for August 22nd so this weekend just gone. But the date was removed from the Event Cinemas website because Auckland was in Level 3 lock down meaning nobody could go.

The lock down has now been extended to next Monday ending on Sunday at 11.59am. Monday we will officially be out of level 3 and back to level 2. That means that we have more freedom to do things but going to the movies is still a big question mark.

I have checked the seating arrangements at Event and they have already accommodated patrons for social distancing of two meters apart. So technically, we should be a lot safer if we decide to go. But my partner says that going to the movies is something that will be more of a treat than a norm for us and neither of us wants to risk catching COVID-19.

UPDATE: I just checked the Event Cinemas website and they’ve updated the date for Tenet to September!

You can still see the original date of the 22/08 there in the booking dates. So it looks like we won’t be seeing Tenet at the movies this month. I totally support Event Cinemas in this because they are doing what is best for both their business and for their patrons. Keeping everyone safe is paramount in today’s COVID-19 world. But I also appreciate how difficult this must be for many businesses everywhere in the world, not just in New Zealand.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks and we’ll keep our eyes firmly set on the Event website. Until then, we are avoiding all spoilers and reviews until we can see it and review it ourselves.

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