Behind the Scenes – Aliens (1986)

JulieGAugust 27, 20205 min

My user name on Letterboxd is “RipleyEllen” so you can probably guess that the Alien franchise is one of my all-time favourites. So today’s behind the scenes image is from Aliens:

Actors Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) and Bill Paxton (Hudson) sharing a rare moment together taking a break with a cup of coffee (or tea, we’re not entirely sure but probably coffee).


  1. The spear gun that Ripley used in Alien can be seen still trapped under the door in this scene from Aliens:

2. The voice of the salvage team member that confirms Ripley is still alive at the beginning of the film is that of Aliens director James Cameron.

3. The Alien Queen took between 14 and 16 people to operate at once!

4. The image we see of Ripley’s mother in the director’s cut of the film is Sigourney Weaver’s real-life mother (I thought they looked a hell of a lot alike!)

5. Aliens, unlike many movies today, was not screened before a test audience. The reason for this was the film was still in the editing process a week before the movie was due to release to audiences!

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