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JulieGAugust 29, 20209 min

Over the last few days we have heard rumours about the Dune trailer, and then we heard more rumours that seemed less like rumours. But who can tell? We’ve seen relatively reputable brands fall victim to rumours that turned out to be nothing more. It’s hard to separate the fake news from the real news when fake news propagates so fast on social media.

We can’t seem to find the original tweet where we asked ever-so-nicely to stop spreading false news about the Dune trailer. It may have been deleted but we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any factual news releases on Dune’s trailer and release date for changes.

In the meantime there has been a slew of content – some of it taken from the supposed “leaked” trailer that was shown to audiences in Canada before Tenet which released in some theatres last week. The quality is not very good so don’t expect too much from these images (via Imgur)

And some taken via Twitter:

Empire Magazine released their official Dune covers today and wow! These covers are superb and in high resolution (better than the images above, at least). Images via Empire Magazine:

How keen are you for Dune? It’s set to be one of the most prominent movie titles set for a release date in a theatre this year. We’re quietly super-hyped over Dune, but we’re also restraining our glee for a worthwhile cause, namely the trailer when Warner Bros. release it to eager fans.

Speaking of factual release dates, the word online is that the trailer should be available on the 9th of September so (tentatively) circle this in your calendars, folks!

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