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JulieGSeptember 5, 20206 min


Looking at Letterboxd tallies for the month gave us the idea to start this monthly blog series. Looking for movies to watch or avoid? This list will help you make those decisions!

So this monthly update will categorise the films we thought stood out to us with reviews of 4 stars or more (for “hit”) and anything less than 2 stars (for “miss”) with links to either our review on the site or our podcast.

Check these movies out if you can!

You’ll be okay spending your time watching these films because we found them incredibly entertaining or engaging or both! Festival movies will be omitted as well as short films.

The Host – Reviewed on our Podcast4.5/5

The Highlander – Review5/5

Collateral – Review4/5

Cursed Films – Review4/5

Strange Days – Review4/5

Spree – Reviewed on our Podcast4/5

The Matrix – Reviewed on our Podcast5/5

Scream – Reviewed on our Podcast 4.5/5

Don’t waste your time on these!

Don’t bother wasting your precious time on these doozies!

She Dies Tomorrow – Reviewed on our Podcast – 2/5

Blood Quantum – Reviewed on our Podcast – 2/5

And that’s it for the month of August. We’ll be doing this every month so you can check this blog series out for the very best films to consider and the films to avoid.

Until tomorrow’s post, stay safe out there and keep watching!

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