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JulieGSeptember 8, 20205 min

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This topic interested me because it happens almost every time I re-watch a film. Sometimes I will still feel the same as I did when I initially rated and reviewed the film on Letterboxd. In fact, that happened the other day with two of the films we re-watched from the Alien film saga. There just wasn’t anything different about the experience, it was neither better nor worse. And I think that’s worse than giving a film you’ve re-watched a lower rating.

Via Tenor

Let me explain that. As a cinephile, there are always going to be films that will “get your juices flowing” – movies that will engage you on every level and do more than just “entertain”. And then you will come across films that do the exact opposite; they’re boring, uninspiring and non-eventful. But at least you’re feeling something. But when a film fails to do anything at all, that leaves you feeling indifferent. And indifferent is worse than feeling something negative. A film that doesn’t inspire any reaction is basically a waste of your time and probably shouldn’t have been made, period. Thankfully, I haven’t had that experience recently.

And this is how I try to look at every film I review or critique while also endeavouring to be as objective as possible. Not an easy feat for any critic but the more you work on this, the easier it gets, at least that’s what I’ve discovered. And that means writing – a lot and often about the cinematic experience.

What do you think about this approach to film reviewing? Do you think this resonates at all with you and your process as a critic? Why or why not? Feel free to sound off in the comments, friends!

Until our next TLD post, stay safe out there and keep watching!

Film is life.

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