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JulieGSeptember 9, 20203 min

Hi there, Cinephiles!

So this piece of moviedom is considered an “Easter Egg” on Reddit where I found this original post, but we’ll just call it movie trivia to make things easier.

See the blue lighting in the image below? Well, that wasn’t created by James Cameron or his crew while filming this scene. The blue lighting actually came from the rock band The Who. The band was testing their lighting in the studio at Shepperton Sound which was located right next door to where James Cameron and his crew were filming.

Via Reddit

Not going to lie here, I thought the lighting in this scene was damn cool, and now I know how it was produced, it’s even better! It really is amazing how small little details such as the lighting in a scene can transform it completely.

Have any tidbits of movie trivia you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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