Podcast #15 Aliens 3/Aliens/Alien/Dune/The Babysitter: Killer Queen/#Alive

JulieGSeptember 14, 202013 min

Welcome to Week Fifteen – Now Showing NZ’s Weekly Podcast

Week Ending 13/09/2020


In today’s podcast, we complete our re-watch of the Alien saga of films. We also talk about Dune with the new trailer that released this week and we re-watch the original film and review it. We also look at the sequel to The Babysitter and Korean horror flick #Alive.
  1. Alien 3 – The Assembly Cut (begins 0.54 seconds)
  2. Aliens (begins 8 mins 19 secs)
  3. Alien  (begins 13 mins 55 secs)
  4. Dune (begins 21 mins 56 secs)
  5. The Babysitter: Killer Queen (begins 32 mins 20 secs)
  6. #Alive (begins 35 mins 27 secs minutes)
Stay safe out there my friends, and we’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post!

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