Film“Yes” or “No” to Scream’s Sequel?

JulieGSeptember 19, 20205 min

One of the most famous horror movie franchises will be releasing a sequel, making it the fifth instalment in the franchise, Scream 5.

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, the very first movie in this franchise was overly successful. It was ranked as the third greatest horror movie of all time by Empire Magazine in 2016 and is genuinely considered a masterpiece by the majority of horror movie fans.

So the question has to be asked – “do we really need another Scream movie?” Well, of course, the answer to that is HELL yeah, we do! And we’re super-pumped that Neve Campbell was recently confirmed as reprising her role of Sydney.

This is massive news because Sydney just happens to be one of my favourite final girls! We are genuinely intrigued to see where the story will go after the last Scream film. Plus we are also keen to see if any of the newer, younger cast members will be anything like the fantastic cast from the original movie.

We can dream, right?

Let us know what you think of Scream getting a fifth movie – do you think it needs a continuation or do you think they should just end things with the last movie? Do you think Wes Craven would have been okay with another movie in his franchise?

Hit us up in the comments and stay safe out there!

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