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On our podcast we discuss each of the [REC] movies after watching all four films back-to-back this past week. And we’ve discovered that watching old films years later can be both revitalising in terms of understanding the franchise and even more entertaining!

In today’s post we break down each [REC] movie with mini-reviews and thoughts which you can expand on in our Podcast right here.

On with the show…

[REC] (2007)

One witness. One camera

– Tagline

[REC] was instrumental to the found footage genre – it was the “Blair Witch” film of its time. Fans often get confused between this film being about an unknown “virus” that spreads amongst the inhabitants of an apartment building in Barcelona.

The film is taken entirely from the point of view of a TV show crew of two people – the anchor and the cameraman. And it is terrifying in some scenes, particularly when everyone in the building realises they cannot leave.

Whatever it is is taking hold of the inhabitants one by one and spreading throughout the building. Will anyone survive?

[REC] 2 – (2009)

Fear Revisited


A direct sequel of the first film which adds a completely different element to the plot and takes you right back to the source of all the evil.

This time, it’s a SWAT team that is called in to “fix” whatever is going wrong in the building. Everything seems good until you start to see the inhabitants from the previous film hunting the SWAT team. They have all become crazed, flesh-eating zombies.

But remember… it’s not a virus that’s causing this blood-fest of horror to occur…

[REC]: Genesis – (2012)

You may now kiss the bride…


A step away from the building in Barcelona, we are now following the nephew of the groom at his wedding. The nephew follows different people around the venue recording as he goes until something happens to one of the celebrants.

One by one, people get attacked until the entire venue is filled with people running for their safety from zombie-like versions of their family members. It’s brutal and it’s gory and the ending is just… well, really quite shocking.

But brilliant all the same.

And finally…

[REC]: Apocalypse – (2014)

It’s time to get out.


Definitely the weakest film in this franchise but still worth watching if only to see how this epic found-footage saga ends. It brings the entire franchise full-circle as the original actress that played the TV reporter in the first and second films returns to finish off the story.

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We’ll be reviewing movie franchises going forward and summarising each binge session every week following our podcast!

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there and we’ll catch you in the next post!

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