FilmMovie TriviaMovie Trivia #1 – Did You Know?

JulieGSeptember 23, 20208 min

We’re pretty sold on movie trivia quizzes and finding out the lesser-known trivia bits about movies. So we’re making this a regular blog post series every week going forward.

Think you know your movies? How many of these facts did you actually know before looking it up on google 😅

  1. Did you know that the actor that played “Sloth” in the Goonies used to play for the Oakland Raiders? Yup, he was also 6’8” and did have a pretty good career in sports before he became an actor

2. Did you know Tim Curry suffers from a real fear of clowns? So during the filming of “It”, the crew were advised never to use mirrors where he could see himself in costume.

3. Did you know the “communication” device that Qui-Gon Jinn uses in Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace was actually a Gillete Sensor Excel razor for women with a few modifications? Crazy stuff, right?

Screen shot taken from The Phantom Menace

4. The Blair Witch Project is still one of my favourite found-footage films. But did you know that the actors had to have a “safe word” just in case the traumatic scenes got to be too, well, traumatizing? That might have something to do with the movie’s astounding success, am I right?

5. Did you know that in the chest-bursting scene in Alien (1979) the cast were unaware of what was happening in the scene. Ridley Scott purposefully kept the details from the cast so he could get an authentic reaction on film.

And that’s it for our “Did You Know?” post for the week. How’d you measure up? Did you know every fact or were you a little hazy on some of them? Let us know in the comments, friends!

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