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JulieGSeptember 25, 20209 min

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

16min | Short, Comedy | Short


Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Director: Tom Albanese

Writer: Tom Albanese, Tom Albanese, Joey Long

Stars: Joana Metrass, Joey Long, Simon Barbaro

Movie Tagline:

IMDb summary: A demon stuck with spirit board duty falls for a girl on the other side.

You may check out this short film right here.

Well this was a welcome contrast to the last short film I reviewed which was terrible. So life in purgatory – could it be possible for a person stuck on the other side to fall for someone that’s very much alive? That’s the premise for this short and it’s a darn good one.

The film begins with Gerald who is stuck in purgatory and we don’t know why – he doesn’t even know why. But life seems pretty monotonous even in purgatory and it seems Gerald is just going through the motions until he eventually gets to leave.
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His job is to work on the spirit board which is just a different name for Ouija Board – you know the one you’ve seen in so many movies. Used for contacting the other side by many different people, Gerald eventually gets messages from a random person. And they eventually become quite friendly and perhaps a little too friendly.

This is where the really nice part of the short kicks in when you realise that Gerald is managing to do something kind for someone he’s never met. And the lady in question really does seem very down about life in general.

But what could this mean for Gerald? Or even for the lady. Claire? Their “relationship” isn’t really about love as such but about friendship and the goodness in people – even the dead ones.

The acting is great – especially by the actor who plays Gerald. And it looks like the actor was also involved in the writing process so he would understand the character well and it shows.

A Purgatory Story also has a comedic element to it but it’s very slight and seems to be just the right amount to make this film a little less serious. Although there is a very important message in the delivery of this film, it’s played out extremely well by the two main actors.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable short film, not too heavy, not too funny and with just the right amount of dramatic elements to make it worth the while.


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