FilmDeleted Scenes and Alternate Endings – Wall.E (2008)

JulieGSeptember 26, 20205 min

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a good end to your week. We’ve been busy working on blog post series content for the blog and our next blog series regular will be deleted scenes and alternate endings.

Picked from a random list of movies, we will be looking at deleted scenes from Wall.E (2008). If you were unaware that there were deleted scenes for Wall.E well, yep turns out there’s quite a few but we’ve picked what we think is the best one.

This scene is called “Garbage Airlock”. Sourced from the 2008 Blu-ray release of ‘WALL-E’

Source: YouTube

A quick list of facts about this deleted scene:

  • The director Andrew Stanton, said that this scene was deleted very late in the process and is almost never done so late into the production of a film.
  • And that’s one reason why it’s actual footage you see and not storyboard animation like the other deleted scenes from the movie
  • The decision to change the role of Eve and Wall.E around was made because the director didn’t think the audience would react the way they wanted if their roles were reversed.

And that’s it for this series post. We hope you enjoyed the deleted scene from Wall.E and we’ll be featuring more deleted scenes and alternate endings next week!

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