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So the new trailer for The Craft called The Craft: Legacy has finally arrived and I can honestly say I was a little underwhelmed and a little sceptical. While trailers are by no means a way of reviewing a film, they are a good indication of what will feature in the film. In some cases, some trailers are actual spoilers, giving away more than they should. But this trailer is the opposite – its barely showing the guts of the film and skimming over the rest.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer:


Even if you compare the new trailer with the trailer from the original film, you can see a glaring difference in the look and feel of the two films:


Just ignore the voice-over because it’s kind of annoying. It’s confirmed on the Wikipedia entry that The Craft: Legacy is a “stand-alone sequel” to the 1996 movie. So it’s not a remake but a continuation.

There is one thing that I really did like about the new trailer for The Craft: Legacy and that is how they are tying in Nancy’s character. Let’s be honest, Nancy played by Fairuza Balk was more like a demon than a girl and perfect for the role of Nancy in The Craft. And the fact that it’s a sequel means we won’t have an exact rehash of the previous film but new content (hopefully).

One other thing that gives me faith that the sequel will do the original film justice is that it’s produced by Blumhouse which has a very good track record with horror and Andrew Fleming, the director from The Craft is also on-board as a producer with Jason Blum.

The Craft has left very big shoes to fill even if this film is a sequel. But time alone will tell if the sequel truly is something to carry on the legacy of The Craft.

Sick of remakes and sequels? Think this film is going to bomb at the box office? Let us know in the comments!

Stay safe out there, keep watching and we’ll catch you in tomorrow’s post.

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