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Reading the latest news about Spiderman 3, one couldn’t help but reflect on the mentor that Peter Parker had in Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man – Tony Stark. And how exciting it’s going to be, possibly seeing Peter with a different mentor in Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Check out this tweet below by MCU Direct:

This is an enormous deal. It means that Peter will finally be able to open up about his feelings with someone who may just be more receptive. Tony was a very harsh kind of guy – brilliant and focused, but not all that friendly. Even though Doctor Strange was a surgeon before he became a superhero, he is not at all like Tony Stark. And with Doctor Strange as his mentor (assuming that happens) who knows what Peter could achieve? He won’t be scolded all the time and made to feel like a fool, which is how I felt Stark treated him. Peter didn’t need a teacher, he needs a surrogate father. Someone who genuinely cares about him.

Coming from a background where he no longer had a father of his own, it’s understandable why Stark reacted the way he did with Peter. You can only try to improve on the “sins of the father” so much and Stark was just the person to think otherwise – that none of it was his fault but his father’s. And that isn’t entirely true, as in any relationship – it takes two to tango however, the parent should know better. And that is why I think Stark was the worst mentor for Peter. He wasn’t looking to improve where his father failed, he wanted something or someone to control. Control is a big deal to Stark, and this is where I see the huge contrast between him and Doctor Strange.

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We also know that Tom Holland has excellent chemistry with both Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch, so it’s almost a simple decision, really. Also, assuming they merge the films with the “multiverse” concept, Peter will finally be able to share his experiences with two guys who know exactly what he is going through. There is just so much potential for this story to be so much more than we ever had before.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about the multiverse concept and about Doctor Strange becoming Peter’s mentor in the place of Ironman. While nothing is confirmed and we are purely speculating based on social media posts all over the internet, it’s a marvellous idea and we’re behind it 110 percent.

Let us know how you feel about this happening in the Marvel Universe and about Peter’s relationship with Stark and possibly with Doctor Strange!

Stay safe out there, keep watching and we’ll catch you tomorrow!

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