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There isn’t too much fiction going on with some movies focused on actual events like this one. But that doesn’t stop the world from having a strange fascination with the macabre, especially when adapted to film. In the case of the Amityville Murders, multiple films have been made about the tragic events, including a spin-off from the film made in 2015.

Most people will know or have heard of the Amityville murders that happened in 1974 in Amityville, Long Island. While the murders themselves were very real, the events that followed shortly after the Lutz family took hold of the house where the murder spree occurred have been questioned ever since.

The Lutz family claimed that they encountered supernatural activity inside the house, which included smelling strange odours nobody could explain, doors opening for no reason, and family members levitating above their beds.

Amityville Horror Film Facts
Amityville Horror Film Facts
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Nobody knows what went on in the Amityville house when the Lutz’s bought it. Many stories have circulated about their experiences, which may or may not be accurate. But the deaths of the DeFeo family were terrible. And it’s almost insulting to think anyone would or could turn such a devastating event into some prank for selfish gain.

The murderer Ronald J. DeFeo Jr, who claimed he was told to kill his family by “voices” he heard inside the house, is serving six consecutive 25-year life sentences for the crime. It’s good to know that at least some part of this tragic story has a semi-positive ending.

AMITYVILLE MURDERS – TRUE EVENT (although Ronald DeFeo’s admission that he was told to kill his family has never been proven)


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