FilmMovie TriviaBehind the Scenes – Halloween (1978-2018)

JulieGOctober 17, 202015 min

It’s the scary season and Now Showing NZ has started the month off with watching and reviewing as many new horror films as we can. But we’ve always got room for the movies that defined the genre such as Halloween.

And since we’re looking behind the scenes, check out this awesome BTS clip of Halloween (2018):

BE WARNED – SPOILERS AHEAD – if you have yet to see this movie, don’t read any further please and thank you!

Via Collider

Here’s a spooky fact you might not have known about the infamous mask worn by Halloween’s antagonist Michael Myers. The mask itself was made from a cast of famous Star Trek actor William Shatner. That detail alone is kinda creepy…

And the original actor Nick Castle who played “The Shape” Michael Myers in the first film:

Stay safe out there friends, and check back for tomorrow’s post!

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