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JulieGJanuary 11, 20219 min

IMDb Rating: 7/10

12min | Short | Drama | Short


Rotten Tomatoes Rating:

Director: Alex Murawski

Writer: Alex Murawski

Stars: Remy Hii, Sophie Lowe, Benedict Samuel

Movie Tagline: “One is never enough.”

IMDb summary: Tom has never been kissed, but when his best friend offers his girlfriend to practice with, his desire suddenly awakes. With Tom having to choose between his loyalty to friendship and his newfound feelings, the trios carefree friendship will never be the same again. ‘Kiss’ is a simple yet evocative exploration of adolescent longing, and the confronting realisation that awakened desire cannot go back to sleep.

Ah sweet, innocent love. If only it could stay that way. “Kiss” is such a lovely short film about a teenager who has never been kissed. His best friend thinks that by letting him practice on his girlfriend, he’s doing him a favour. But we soon see through subtle, secret glances between Tom and his best friend’s girl that something is up and their relationship will never be the same.

This was made way back in 2011, which is probably why most people have never heard of it. But as far as short films go, this one is mostly a good one due to the lack of dialogue. You might think a lack of dialogue is a bad thing, but not for this film and in fact, it makes all the difference in how the scenes play out and how they are interpreted by the audience. Think of the silences as words unspoken, and it makes for a tender and beautiful story of unrequited love.

Screenshot by Now Showing NZ

The way this film is shot gives it a special subtlety that is hard to describe. You’re watching someone’s heart fluttering with the first promise of love from a kiss he never should have had. And at the same time, you’re watching someone’s heartbreaking because of the situation he now finds himself in. Unrequited love is never pretty, but the way that the characters portray their emotions makes it look almost beautiful – beautiful and sad all at the same time.

The final scene is the most heartbreaking of all because you know that Tom has fallen for his best friend’s girl, and what’s worse is that she knows it too.

Omeleto really has some hidden gems on their channel, and as we’ve been making our way blindly through their hundreds of short films, it’s wonderful to find one that you know is promising and really could have been something more.

You can see the short film right here on Omeleto’s YouTube channel:

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