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JulieGJanuary 14, 20218 min

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

15min | Short, Drama | Short


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Director: Florine Nüesch, Kim Nüesch

Writers: Florine Nüesch, Kim Nüesch

Stars: Emily Swallow, Brooke Fontana, Ashley Silverman

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IMDb summary: Set in the 1970s, the film centres on two little girls, who struggle with their mother’s bipolar disease that constantly disrupts their lives and burdens them to grow up early.

Mental health issues are no joke. Speaking from personal experience, it’s a difficult situation to be in when you’re suffering alone, let alone having children and other responsibilities as a mother.

This short film is a very poignant view into the life of a mother suffering from bipolar disorder in the 70s. I don’t know how much they knew about bipolar disorder back then, but it seems that the mother has been suffering for some time, and we don’t see her taking any medication for her condition. So we can only assume it is not being managed very well.

The most heartbreaking part of this film is the children who are doing their best to be tolerant of their mother’s condition the best way they know how. But you begin to see the bond between this woman and her children slowly unravel. The children are barely old enough to look after themselves, and yet, for the most part, they seem to take their mother’s condition in their stride. The two young girls show acting talent way beyond their years.

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We are not too sure why this was set in the 70s. We can only guess that this film could be based on the two sisters’ real-life experiences that wrote, directed, and produced this beautifully tragic film. So much emotion into such a small space of time is almost too difficult to deal with. The mood is increasingly sombre until you arrive at the end of the film, which sees the girls with their mother again as she slowly comes back to them. They cheer, laugh, and all is well again, but you just know it’s not going to last.

Very beautifully shot and written, Forget Me Not is a glimpse into the world of a family that both suffers and loves their way through and beyond the pain of living with bipolar disease.

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