Short Film Review: Huluween – The Rizzle (2018)

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The Rizzle Short Film Poster

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

4min | Short, Horror | Short

Metacritic: N/A

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A

Director: Josh Tanner

Writers: Josh Tanner, Jade van der Lei

Stars: David Normand, Joey Vieira

Movie Tagline:  

IMDb summary: Elena loves the roaring 1920s. A fondness she’ll soon regret.


The Rizzle Short Film Review

We’re on a mission to cover as many of these short films as possible and most of them seem to be in the horror genre which is just fine with us. That said, The Rizzle is a little less eye-popping than Decommissioned but we’ll get to the visuals in a little bit.

So what is “The Rizzle?” Well, if we explained this it would spoil the film entirely so we’ll avoid that for now, suffice it to say that the topic of this film involves something very creepy. almost creepy enough to be a creepypasta. The film follows Elena who is a huge fan of the 20s and while searching the internet for more content on her topic of choice, she comes across a video clip that beckons viewers to “Try the Rizzle if you dare”.

The Rizzle Screen Shot

With a curious expression on her face, you can tell she’s up for this challenge and she imitates the creepy looking dude with a crooked smile perfectly. The scene cuts to Elena being woken up from her sleep by a thumping noise. While investigating the noise, Elena is somehow locked out of her bedroom with the thumping sound becoming louder and louder. We won’t tell you what happens next because some things are just better when you watch them for yourself.

That said, there are a few things we wanted to address in the film. The idea of The Rizzle being similar to that of the “Bloody Mary” curse and other “scary” urban legends like it. It does lend a hand to other urban legends in a similar style which isn’t bad, but it’s a little predictable.

The actress doesn’t look scared enough although her scream was convincing, her face when she is looking down the dark hallway, doesn’t look as afraid as she should be. A few tears might not have gone astray here?

And lastly, while we love our jump-scares, we thought the jump-scare in The Rizzle was almost expected to happen. Therefore it wasn’t as “jumpy” as it should have been. The Rizzle was eerie enough at the beginning to even avoid a jump-scare altogether but the creepiness and eeriness didn’t last long enough.

If you want to take on The Rizzle yourself, you can check it out right here:


The Rizzle Movie Rating

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