Movie Quote of the Day – Batman: The Justice League (2017)

JulieGMarch 15, 20213 min

Batman Justice League Quote

With The Snyder Cut already being watched by critics the world over, we thought it would be fitting to throw some of our edits out there in both anticipations and to celebrate what will undoubtedly be a wonderful viewing experience. We’re going to have to watch it with the rest of the world on the 19th, but we’re happy to wait. And of course, we’ll be reviewing it on our podcast this coming Sunday along with Batman vs. Superman and the original version of The Justice League so that we can make comparisons. Hopefully, you’ll tune in to listen to us lose our minds over Zack Snyder’s cut of the film, so until then, here’s a quick edit Julie made because she loves this quote. Please spread it around on social media, credit is welcomed, and backlinks are just as good!

Batman Justice League Quote edit made by Julie Gray for Now Showing NZ

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