FilmNow Showing NZ’s Trailer Watch for Tuesday 16/03/2021

JulieGMarch 16, 20214 min

Hi, fellow cinephiles! Here’s a list of trailers that we’ve seen or heard about that stand out from the crowd. Sometimes trailers can be handy to judge whether or not the movie will be worth seeing. And other times, it’s one big spoiler which is obviously, not ideal. So we will highlight the best of the latest trailers each week, so you don’t have to wade through anything that isn’t worth your time. We know time is precious; people don’t have a lot of time to waste, so let us help you out with our best trailer choices for the week, starting with the most talked-about trailer – Justice League The Snyder Cut:

Justice League: The Snyder Cut

It’s going to be HUGE (some people on Reddit have been trying to set up their own private screenings around the U.S. but Warner Brothers have been coming down on that happening pretty hard). Also, DON’T GO to Reddit as there are screener spoilers that haven’t been found by Mods everywhere. Our second choice is Mortal Kombat for obvious reasons (it looks A LOT better than the original film from 1995. While it looks a lot better with obvious visual upgrades, we’ll see if the story is any better than the original (which wasn’t all that bad)

Mortal Kombat (2021)

And finally, another hugely popular film franchise that I know is going to be a big deal for action fans when it releases:

Godzilla vs. Kong

We’ll be updating this list several times a week so stay tuned for more interesting Trailer picks from Now Showing NZ!

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