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JulieGMarch 23, 202112 min

Sweet Home Poster Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.4

TV-MA | 52min | Drama, Fantasy | TV Series


Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 83 % Fresh (Critics), 83 % Fresh (Audience)


Writers: Kim Hyung-min, Kim Kan-bi, Park So-Jeong

Stars: Song Kang, Lee Jin-Wook, Lee Si-young

Movie Tagline:  

IMDb summary: Hyun, a loner high school student who lost his entire family in a terrible accident, is forced to leave his home and has to face a new reality where monsters are trying to wipe out all of humanity. Now he must fight against all odds to try and race against the clock to save what is left of the human race before it’s too late.


Sweet Home Review

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Netflix has been doing relatively well this year with interesting and binge-worthy content, and that’s where Sweet Home fits right in. For those feeling a little adventurous and looking for a way to forget about 2020 completely, this series is sure to satisfy.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home follows the story of suicidal teenager Hyun-Soo (Kang), who has turned his back on everything and everyone. He is mistreated by his family and bullied at school. Prospects look a little grim for Hyun-Soo, so he decides to bid the world good-bye and sets a date for his suicide.

How could a character with nothing to live for become a hero? This is really where Hyun-Soo’s story begins just when the world is ending. The world’s population is falling at an alarming rate as almost everyone succumbs to a strange illness that transforms humans into violent and vile monsters. For some, it spells the end of times, but for people like Hyun-Soo, it opens up a world of possibilities. And thus begins Hyun-Soo’s transformation from zero to hero.

The story itself would be a little far-fetched if it weren’t for the amazing cast that brings this fantastical world to life. At least several principal characters, including Hyun-Soo, are supported by Sang-Wook (Lee), an ex-policeman that looks like a gangster, bass-playing neighbour Yi-Kyung (Si-Young), who swings a mean baseball bat, and the young trainee doctor who eventually becomes the leader of the residents at Green Home, Eun-Hyeok. The remarkable individuality of each character keeps things interesting, particularly when those characters clash.

Song Kang as Hyun-Soo In Sweet Home

The sense of community created when the random residents of Green Home finally band together is one of the series’s highlights. It’s engaging to see different characters with nothing in common do their best to better the group. It’s equally interesting when certain personalities stir up trouble. The situation becomes dire when more and more residents succumb to the strange illness and begin to transform into hideous monsters. There’s a huge gore factor, and that’s not an exaggeration. If you do not like copious amounts of gore in your action sequences, this show is definitely not for you!

Visually, Sweet Home is incredible. That is not surprising since the special effects are created by some amazing people, including the same team that worked on The Avengers, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones. While not everyone in Hyun-soo’s group turns into a monster, the threat of constant danger is ever-present and not just from the monsters.

External threats eventually make themselves known, but that’s just one more factor that keeps you on your toes and invested in what happens to these characters. The dramatic elements are a little overwhelming at times. With so many tragic events occurring at once, it isn’t easy to decide who to care about more. And this is probably the only downside to the show. Perhaps a few too many main characters to root for are just as hard to watch as a show with no main protagonist to support or invest time into.

Sweet Home will likely appeal to fans of gore and horror with action and drama mixed in. While those who enjoy the zero-to-hero trope, even better.

Final Comments: Watch this if you’re a fan of gore and monster-killers. It’s a nice change to see a horror-action-focused TV show with characters that are well-written and likeable. Plus, “zero-to-hero” always works if it’s done right.

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Sweet Home TV Show Rating

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