Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer – The First Seven Minutes of the Opening Scene

JulieGApril 21, 20213 min

Mortal Kombat Is More Than Just a “Movie Based on a Video Game”. It Is Also the Story of Two Ancient Warriors and Their Eternal Hatred for Each Other

Without knowing anything at all about the movie, the storyline between Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion) and Bi-Han (Sub Zero) is reason alone to see this film. Many gamers will remember this franchise fondly. Mostly because they would have spent endless hours “testing their might” against worthy opponents and looking for the best way to die. The death sequences in the game have always been controversial due to the graphic nature in which opponents in Mortal Kombat can die. If you mention Mortal Kombat to anyone that knows the games, that’s the one thing they remember the most. Here’s hoping this version of Mortal Kombat will deliver what fans of the games have been waiting for. With the updated special effects and actors who can act and kick-ass, Mortal Kombat is looking pretty damn good. Here are the first seven minutes of the opening scene to give you an idea of what to expect

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