Netflix Movie Review – Fear Street Part 2 – 1978

IMDb summary - Shadyside, 1978. School's out for summer and the activities at Camp Nightwing are about to begin. But when another Shadysider is possessed with the urge to kill, the fun in the sun becomes a gruesome fight for survival.
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Fear Street Part 2 – 1978

Did you manage to make it to part two or are you still floundering in the dark somewhere afraid “Skull Mask” might get you? Well, if that’s the case you should probably check out right about now because if Fear Street Part One was too much for you, you absolutely shouldn’t watch Fear Street Part Two.

The second movie from Netflix in the Fear Street horror trilogy is somewhat better than the first. Everything that was lacking in the first movie (better jump scares, more bloodletting, more actual horror) shows up in spades in the second movie. In the second film, we see the aftermath of condemned Sara Fier a lot more closely. And we also get to see just how long her vengeful curse has lasted on Shadyside and Sunnyvale. From the 90s to the 70s, we’re getting into the groove with laid back vibes, hippy trippy music and of course, to finish it all off in 70s slasher style, we get to travel to Camp Nightwing.

And again, you’d be hard-pressed not to notice the homage to almost every slasher film made in the 70s and 80s but in particular, to Friday the 13th’s origin story at Camp Crystal Lake. This time around, however, it’s a tad more subtle which is great. And that’s where the similarities end and the legend of Sara Fier’s reign of terror begins.

This film focuses on two sisters, one of whom is telling the story which links part one to this film. It would be too much of a giveaway to tell you whether or not the sole survivor of Camp Nightwing is going to help Deena and her possessed girlfriend Sam. But it’s certainly an entertaining ride as we delve deeper into the history of Sara’s death and how the curse of Sara Fier took hold of Shadyside. Deena and Josh should really be taking notes.

Fear Street Part two is a lot scarier than part one because of the connection to the teenagers – unlike the first film, in this part, we get to see how Sara Fier’s curse works first-hand. It’s also interesting seeing characters from the first film as teenagers in this one and how they coped with the devastation and death. There’s one character, in particular, that is probably going to make you sit up and think a lot more about part one and their role in this whole bloody mess.

The story itself is also told exceptionally well; giving the audience just enough to piece some of the parts together as we edge ever closer to Sara Fier and her inevitable and grisly end.

Let’s just say that if you’re a fan of slasher films, in particular Friday the 13th and even Halloween, you’re going to love Fear Street Part two. It’s difficult to tell whether or not the writers just decided this part of the trilogy needed to be more gruesome but it certainly is. So again, a mild warning to anyone that’s squeamish – there’s lots more blood, gruesome death scenes and death everywhere. Unlike the first film that had a distinct “Goosebumps” feel to it, it’s hard to believe this was written by the same team. It’s darker and way more sinister and we loved every minute of it.

Onto part three!

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