Netflix Movie Review – Fear Street Part 3 – 1666

IMDb summary - The origins of Sarah Fier's curse are finally revealed as history comes full circle on a night that changes the lives of Shadysiders forever.
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Fear Street Part 3 – 1666

The last instalment of the Fear Street trilogy has finally arrived, and we’d be remiss to say we were hoping it would go out with a bang, not a fizzle. And thankfully, we’re quite happy about the way things ended for Deena, Josh and Sam. So it’s obvious that this is the episode where everything needs to come full circle. We get to see exactly who Sarah Fier was and how and why this horrible curse on the inhabitants of Shadyside came to be in the first place.

The “evil” element waiting in the background of this story is fully realised and takes centre stage in this film, but it’s not exactly what you’d think. There is a small “twist” to Sarah’s story that might turn a few viewers off. It’s a twist that is almost “hiding in plain sight,” but it works in linking each of the films together. One of the standout performances in this film is definitely Sarah, played by Kiana Madiera. Everything connects to this woman Sarah Fier (is that supposed to be a play on the word “fear?” because if so, that’s cheesy). For the most part, Sarah is just another woman with nothing extraordinary about her.

It’s important to remember that in this film, it’s 1666, and society was extremely different way back then. Women had a role in society to uphold – there were rules you didn’t break. If you accused someone of something, particularly if it were something “evil” or connected to witchcraft, it would always end badly for everyone involved. But it’s not all that obvious that’s where Sarah’s story is heading. Time is an important factor because it implicates people in various ways and draws certain characters further into Sarah’s trajectory.


What’s really great is how they made use of the cast. For Sarah’s story to be told in a way that makes sense, the cast from both the first and second films are all in the final film. And with all the pieces in place, this is where the story builds momentum and gets interesting. Who could be the “bad guy” or girl? Was Sarah an innocent in this dark tale? Was the curse even a thing? You get the picture – there’s a lot of questions.

However, while the final film does bring everything into perspective, it misses the mark in terms of bringing the horror aspect to the fore. This is why Fear Street Part 3 feels more like a “whodunnit” mystery with supernatural elements thrown in and not a “horror” film. Sure, a few scenes are scattered through the film that could loosely be branded as horror, but that’s stretching it. Sarah’s story really isn’t as “horrible” as expected.  In general, if you’re able to sit through “Goosebumps” or even “Creepshow”, you should be good.

In summary, Fear Street Part 3 works as the film bringing the others into one cohesive story, but it’s definitely the weakest of the three. If your expectations were high for the final film, you might be disappointed with how things end.

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